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Blessing's Foods Products: Shelf Stable, All-Natural, Authentic Taste, Professional Packaging &a

Blessings Foods Inc. is a convenience foods manufacturer of Authentic Ethnic West African Meals without the Hassle of Preparation…

With world globalization, and a little over 1.6 million foreign-born African population in the United States, Africans in diaspora are constantly seeking for authentic African meal favorites, unfortunately most of these meals can only be enjoyed if prepared from scratch. In addition the average U.S. mainstream food consumer is no longer satisfied with ethnic meal solutions manufactured for particular ethnic groups, rather they seek to enjoy authentic meal options prepared by food manufacturers who are directly familiar with the meals from their country of origin, with access to authentic ingredients to produce an authentic taste quick and easy, without the rigors involved in preparing the meals in the traditional way. The challenge is that with globalization more and more African restaurants, caterers and small international grocery stores can be found around the country particularly in areas where large concentrations of Africans exist, however, one will always have to visit or shop at any of these locations just to enjoy a favorite meal.

Jollof Rice with Asparagus - Made with Blessings's Foods Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix

Jollof Rice is the most popular West African meal enjoyed by most Africans, African-Americans, and increasingly by many others from mainstream U.S. and around the world. It is a staple home cooked meal in most African homes, and a ‘must’ at most social gatherings and events. Traditionally Jollof Rice could take up to 1 ½ - 2 hours to prepare, but with Blessing’s Foods Meal Solutions product-line (which consists of Jollof Rice with Seasoning Pack and the Seasoning Mix itself packaged in Family, Individual and Food Service sizes) in a fraction of the time you can have the same meal, with an Authentic West African Taste on your dining table or even at your office desk to enjoy! Also, it’s convenient to purchase either through your local international food store or mainstream grocery store or conveniently online from our website from the comfort of your home or office, and it will be shipped directly to you! Blessing’s Foods provides easy access to an authentic West African wholesome meal solution to Africans in diaspora, as well as to the mainstream U.S. population looking to enjoy Authentic African meal option.

Blessings's Foods Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix Products

What makes Blessing’s Foods so unique is that it’s the only company in the U.S. that manufactures a shelf stable authentic all-inclusive ingredient product; patrons only need to add water and vegetable oil or butter and cook for about 20 minutes!. It’s authentic aroma and taste gives confidence to the consumer that it was carefully crafted with the right ingredients. Its eye-catching packaging makes it stand out from most products that are marketed by Africans in diaspora, giving it a professional appeal, as well as making it equally attractive to the non-African consumers. Jollof Rice is a popularly consumed meal for most Africans, it is a major comfort food, and hence it will lead to repeat customers. The product ingredients are all natural and non-GMO. Also it’s Microwavable!

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