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Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix Jar (4.5 oz)

Jollof Seasoning Mix (Travel Size)

  • Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix Jar (4.5 oz) (Easy On-the-Go Travel Size)
    Are you sometimes on the go, and need an easy, quick and wholesome meal solution? Look no further! Toss a few containers of Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix (Easy On-the-Go Travel size) into your suitcase, and don’t forget to take some for your friends and family. Enjoy a nutritious, authentic homemade jollof rice meal wherever you go! Check out our Cooking Tipspage for ideas on how to use Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix. Try something new today!
    ***Order a minimum of any 2 items to maximize your shipping cost!

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